May 20, 2012

Downward Pointing Triangle 2 Kobars

Kobars are marriage frescoes traditionally painted in the bridal chamber of some tribal peoples in the Bihar area. There are many kinds of kobars---representing the desired fertility of the couple, an invocation for many children to be born of this union.

However the focus of this image is not schematic as many kobars are, nor is it of the yoni or the belly or the breasts of the woman. Rather the downward pointing triangles (one with the third eye as her face) and the other depicted by the shape of her head, speak of female fertility.

Interestingly the energy, or chakra, on the top of her head, connects the bride with the ethereal world of spirits, perhaps ancestors…and of course the leafy thrusting of vegetal life omnipresent referent to fertile growth and life force.

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